Based on public domain records and court transcripts, Mrs Gucci is a passionate exciting new musical  written by  Marcos D’Cruze and Peter Jukes.

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Most recently, Marcos was the composer, arranger and musical director for the BBC series ‘Almost Never’ for Salt Beef TV.


Almost Never is a comedy-drama following the ups and downs of boy band "The Wonderland" as they try to make it, while juggling friends, family, school and relationships.

Both seasons are currently available on the BBC iPlayer and screening on CBBC.

Marcos D'Cruze

Composer, flamenco guitarist and songwriter represented  




Food, like language and music, is a vehicle for expressing culture.


The Super-diverse TV show and audio podcast PodCooks is an exploration of the intersections between city streets, social diversity and cooking.



Woman In Gold

"IT" Guarro

BBC "Brain Story"

Marcos D'Cruze & Christian Henson



Byline Radio

Unheard voices, unexplored sounds

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